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If you have lost a blackberry at holy Family please call the school

New Season begins Sunday October 15, 2017.
Please complete registration form and submit with payment.
We accept Cash, Cheque , Mastercard and Visa  (credit card payments must be made in person)

We are Now Accepting Registrations for 2017-18 season!

Please Note: For Minor Atom, Atom, Minor Bantam, and Bantam There are only 48 spots.

Bantam Girls, and Midget only 40 spots.

Once these are filled registration is CLOSED.

Annual General Meeting
Sunday, March 26, 2017 at 7 pm
Cowan Park
Board Room
895 Ridgewood Drive,
WoodstockWe are always looking for volunteers to join our executive for next year’s season.



Division Conveners for this year if you have any questions

Division Location Contact Phone /Email
Minor Atom Holy Family Irene Tiegs Ph:519-537-5187 |
email: c.tiegs@sympatico.ca
Atom Holy Family Irene Tiegs Ph:519-537-5187
email: c.tiegs@sympatico.ca
Minor Bantam Boys CASS George Sovran Ph:519-539-1490
email: gbsovran@sympatico.ca
Bantam Boys CASS Nadine Coomber Ph:519-421-2057
email: rcoomber@rogers.com
Bantam Boys CASS Rachel Duivenvoorde Ph:519-536-9192
email: rach7667@gmail.com
Bantam Girls CASS Theresa Latour Text/call:226-228-5453
Midget CASS Mike Stewart Ph:519-870-2080
email: hoops2309@outook.com